Supporting a Chinese Orphanage

Sunbeam is an orphanage in Baiwan, a remote village in the outskirts of Guangzhou. Some children have parents who are deceased, others have parents who have to go to work in another province miles away in order to make a living, hence they have been left to neighbours and relatives who themselves have limited resources, or to grandparents who are too old to even take care of themselves. Some children have been left on their own as young as 5-6 years old, or to be looked after by siblings just a couple of years older.

Sunbeam offers them shelter, food, education, a decent upbringing and most important of all, love and attention that the children so badly need.

We support the orphanage in cash and in kind. Where applicable, with planned promotions and marketing initiatives to pacify and assure suspicious villagers who, for reasons of superstition, mistrust or sheer poor advice from friends, might imagine their children to be better off left with frail elderly or completely alone on their own, rather than with the orphanage.

Our mission is to offer the best solution for the left behind children in this remote village.